Speak a new language, learn a new culture, make a new friend.

Hable un nuevo idioma, aprenda otra cultura, haga nuevas amistades.

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Welcome to Dixon Language Center

Bienvenidos al Centro de Idiomas Dixon

 Our mission  Nuestra misión...

We are closing, Dec. 31, 2018.  We would like to thank our students for their participation over the years.  It has been a pleasure to serve the community.

Please find classes offered at your local community college, meet-up groups in your area and visit Casa de Español in Sacramento to find classes.  Davis offers classes at the International House, Davis University Extension and Davis Adult School. 


En el Centro de Idiomas Dixon, respetamos a la humanidad al compartir nuestros idiomas y culturas el uno con el otro; y así inspiramos a nuestros jóvenes ahora y en el futuro.

At Dixon Language Center, we honor all humanity by sharing our languages and cultures with each other; and in doing so empower our children now and in the future.